Friday, June 22, 2012

In Which I Play the Role of Tim Burton and Devote My Life to Johnny Depp

This is my best friend Venessa

"She's a Scrape- part Square, part Drape. I think she's pretty."

She loves Johnny Depp. Like, loooooves him. 

Particularly in Cry Baby.

So I cross stitched this:

"You got it, Venessa. You got it RAW."

And it only took me me five years!  No, really.  It took me five years.  I have a tendency to get bored with a project if it takes too long.  Plus, this was only my second cross stitch project and I got in a little over my head.  In the beginning I'd intended this to be a Christmas gift for Venessa.  That was in the summer of 2007.  Yeeeeah. Obviously that didn't happen.  Every year since then I would pick Johnny back up around August and say "I'm going to finish this and present it to her for Christmas!" Every. Single. Year.  That, also, didn't happen.  Clearly.  Over the last five years I would pick it up sporadically throughout the year but I never really made significant progress all at once. 

Last month I got laid off  and found myself with an abundance of free time.  So after finishing a few crochet projects I vowed that I wouldn't start another one until this was finished.  For once I actually did what I said I would ! Woooooo!

So, I used this picture:

"I think you're really hep!"

And went to where they will convert any picture into a cross stitch chart.  You can select how many stitches and colors are used and your new custom chart is just a click away!  They even give you a list of exactly which floss colors to use.  This site really could not be easier to use.  I love it!

So, despite the fact that it shouldn't have taken half a decade, I'm really happy with the results.  Especially after spending so long staring at it deconstructed into little pixels.  Sort of like Seurat.  It's all just a mess of colored dots until you step back and take in the entire thing.  The highlights in Johnny's hair and the leather are especially cool to me.  

So now my five years dedicated to Johnny Depp are over.  And Venessa, by the way, really likes it!  She hung it on her wall across from her bed, so this is what she wakes up to:


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